Wooden Furniture mechanics comprehensive tester-furniture performance test

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Fujian, China
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TST Instruments
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Wooden Furniture mechanics comprehensive tester, durability and impact etc performance test
table , cabinets, chairs and stools etc home finished products
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5pcs or more can be customized
load capacity:
Static: ±0.1% Dynamic:0-5%
test speed:
control method:
TST intelligence system Closed loop
force error:
within ±3N
furniture performance test:
furniture performance test
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Wooden Furniture mechanics comprehensive tester-furniture performance test


Suitable for family, hotel, hotels, restaurant and other place to use the table , cabinets, chairs and stools etc home finished products to determine the durability and impact etc performance test. Don’t including the wall and the wall-mounting cabinet accessory strength and durability,.

Standards: The test machine according to GB / T10357 series standard design and manufacturing. also meet the ISO / DIS and other international standards.


Main Features

1 .Advanced design, reasonable structure and beautiful frame
1-1.Compared with the traditional model of iron wood frame, TST instrument use APS high-strength aluminum alloy frame (Figure 1-1), toughness 30% higher than ordinary aluminum, this design in the domestic furniture industry is unique.

TST-D010 Figu 1-1 Frame views
1-2.On the wiring, the machine uses a dark slot (Figure 1-1) + trunking wiring (Figure 1-2), compared to the traditional open wire, dark slot wiring not only reasonable and compact, but also more beautiful, trunking help to protect wiring to ensure the stable operation of the instrument.

TST-D010 Figu 1-2 Frame views
1-3.The machine screws used in all nearly 99.9% pure stainless steel screws, but not ordinary plating screws, aluminum walls inlaid blue (black) strip (Figure 1-2)

TST-D010 Figu 1-3
2.Thought decision the height,material decision the accuracy.
2-1The model uses APS high-strength aluminum alloy frame (Figure 1-1), FESTO cylinder (5) (Fig. 2-1), FESTO precision conversion valve (5) (Fig. 2-2), FESTO oil mist separator device (5), Germany clip sensor chip (5), FESTO solenoid valve (5 sets), Germany Snyder relay (five sets), Lenovo, NSK ball bearing (4 sets))

TST-D010 Figu 2-1 Germany FESTO cylinder TST-D010(Figu 2-2)FESTO precision conversion value
2-2 Compared with the traditional model, TST-D010 Furniture mechanical comprehensive performance testing machine data accuracy increase by nearly 30%, imported material with longer life and more stable run.
3.Heavily in research and development, patent certification
3-1Design patents, the model own multiple design patents, including cylinder silencer patented technology (Figure 3-1), compared to the traditional model in providing accurate basis, the noise reduction of nearly 70%

TST-D010(Figu 3-1)Silencer patent
3-2 TST triaxial mobile technology (Figure 3-2), the top test channel can be 3-axis movement at the left and right,front and back, up and down, simple to say,you can make any place in the interiors,any point force test of the furniture which can meet the test standard,saving manual operation, simple and efficient.

TST-D010(Figu 3-2)TST triaxial mobile technology
3-3 TST developed four joint channel adjustment technology, the breakthrough of this technology to achieve instrument four test channels, move left and right ,cylinder can be up and down automatically lifting, front and back onrush, the force angle can be adjusted in the range, (Figure 3-4) loose the the fixed screws to manually adjust the angle.

TST-D010(Figu 3-3)TST four joint channel adjustment technology
TST-D010(Figu 3-4)TST four joint channel adjustment technology

4.Electronic operation, intelligent control, simple and efficient
4-1 Chinese / English display, computer operation, menus intuitive, fast and convenient
4-2 TST dedicated force error control system, connecting each set of smart chip inside the cylinder, can be real-time monitoring cylinder ouput and feedback to the computer, force error controlled within ± 3N.

TST-D010(Figu 4-1)TST intelligent operating system
4-3 Tests include operating data can be printed by the printer (printer need to reprovision).
4-4 Intelligent alarm function, abnormal and after test will be automatic intelligent alarm
4-5 Test number of 0-999999 can be arbitrarily to set, automatic shutdown after reaching the set number ,stoppage half-way or power failure automatically save the test results.

5. User-friendly design, operation and maintenance easier
5-1 The base fixed device with 12cm stainless steel removable baffle(Figure 5-1), can be fixed in line with any length and width of the furniture within the test standards.

TST-D010F(Figu 5-1)12cm removable baffle
Technical Parameter
1. Cylinder quantity: 5pcs
2. Load cell capacity:0-200kg can be set arbitrary
3. Load cell accuracy: 1/10000
4. Test accuracy: Static: ±0.1% Dynamic:0-5%
5. Movement stroke: Magnet can be arbitrarily set within the cylinder stroke
6. Control method: TST intelligence system Closed loop control,force error control within ±3N
7.Test speed: 5-40times/minute can be arbitrarily to set
8. Each motion pause time: 0-30S can be arbitrarily to set
9. Test times: 0-999999 can be arbitrarily to set
10 10. Test method: Single-cylinder reciprocating fatigue testing
multi-cylinder reciprocating fatigue testing
Single-cylinder static load test
11. settings method: computer settings
12. stop method: test sample damaged, reach settings times, ambient pressure is too low, don’t reach settings value and stroke limit will be automatic shutdown
13: Test results display: Automatic Digital and curve display
14. Air source: more than 7kgf/cm^2 stable air source.
15: Power: AC220V 2.6A


Company Information

   A brand, An enterprise, A product all have a common name in TST.

TST  instrument (china) Co., Ltd. was established in March 2006, in cooperation with thr world’s top test instrument PFI in Germany to jointly develop the production of physical testing instrument, R&D center is located in the Rheinland-Pfalz. All products imported from Germany to china production in two years, and brought in the Germany production technology , process, quality and teshnology to the Chinese factory successfully.





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