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suitable for testing the efficiency of 45% -99.9% grade filter materials. The filter materials are tested according to international standards. The design structure of the entire test bench is compact and light, according to EN149,EN14683,ISO29463

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PM filtration performance test bench is suitable for testing the efficiency of 45% -99.9% grade filter materials. The filter materials are tested according to international standards. The design structure of the entire test bench is compact and light, and in the process of running the test, it only needs to provide additional suitable power and compressed air (no water, no oil), suitable for use in laboratories, factories and other occasions.


In the filter paper test, the particle counting method is used to measure the counting efficiency. It is recommended to use monodisperse aerosol in the test. The pressure drop measurement should be performed at the specified filtration rate.

Fix the filter paper on the fixture, and the test air volume corresponds to the required filter speed. The aerosol generated by the aerosol generator is adjusted, then electrostatically neutralized (PSL), and then evenly mixed with the filtered test air, and then enters the test area to penetrate the filter material.


In addition, the resistance of the filter material during the test must be measured and the flow rate adjusted manually.




GB 19082-2009 Technical requirements for medical disposable protective clothing

lGB 19083-2010 Medical protective mask technical requirements

lGB / T 32610-2016 daily protective mask technical specifications

lGB 2626-2006 Respiratory protective equipment-Self-suction filter anti-particulate respirator

lYY 0969-2013 Disposable medical masks

YY 0469-2011 medical surgical mask

ISO-29463 High efficiency filters and filter media for removing particles from air




1. Aerosol generator (choose one)

Option One:

It is mainly used for experiments requiring high-concentration aerosols. Use 0.3um PSL standard particles. The size of the main particles emitted is ≥0.3um, accounting for more than 70% of the total. Provide the test particles upstream of the filter material


Option II:

l Number of Laskin nozzles: 2x6 = 12 (distribute two atomizing cylinders)

l Aerosol substances: PSL, DEHS or PAO

lAerosol particle size distribution: ≤1μm

l Aerosol concentration: 0 ~ 1 * 1012P / L

lSpray pressure: 0 ~ 60kpa adjustable

l Dimensions: length 350X width 180X height 320 (mm)

l Weight: 10kg


. Particle Counter

It is mainly used to monitor the upstream and downstream particle concentration of the measured filter material to obtain the efficiency of the measured filter material.

3. Differential pressure sensor

It is mainly used to test the pressure difference (or resistance) of the tested filter material under a certain test flow rate.

4. Stainless steel fixture

It is mainly used for the compression and sealing of the tested filter material.

5. Imported air pump

Mainly used for the test flow through the filter material, the flow is stable, green and energy saving, and the vibration noise is small.

6. Electrical control and software

Equipment circuit control and operation, software calculation and data processing, upstream concentration stability judgment, operation control, parameter setting.


Functional description

A. Filtration efficiency test and air flow resistance:

1. The entire test equipment uses a negative pressure system.

2. Air and aerosol enter through the test chamber, flow through the mask according to the standard,

3. Two particle counters are used to detect the upstream and downstream concentrations to calculate the filtration efficiency. The pressure difference between the upstream and downstream of the outlet cover is detected by the pressure difference gauge.

4. To reach the rated flow through the suction pump.

5. Generate standard aerosol substances by an aerosol generator.

6. The operation of the equipment and the calculation of the efficiency and resistance are calculated through the PLC and the display screen.

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