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TST had gathered software design, machinery, mechanical, oil pressure, steam pressure, electronics, motor, and research and development, quality assurance, production management, testing and others professional talents to get real-time information . TST Instruments(China)Co.,Ltd establish in March, 2006, which is a international company professional in manufacture testing machine and automation equipment.

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    Founded in 2006
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    14 years experience
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    More than 100 products
Write the solutions of laboratory testing equipment and integrate production, design and research and development



  • Textile fabric water resistance rain  test by impact with heat and cool

    Textile fabric water r...

    Application The rain performance tester is used to measure the resistance to water by impact of any textile fabric that has passed or is not waterproof or water repellent.  Principle Behind the sample put a weighing absorbent paper, under certain conditions, the water spray sample 5min. And then by re-weighing the absorbent paper, you can determine the water volume of samples infiltration durning the test Relevant standards The tester according to AATCC_35_2000, AATCC_35_2013 waterproof, ra...

  • Safety glazing material in building-tempered glass drop ball tester

    Safety glazing materia...

    Overview Quick Details Place of Origin: Fujian, China Brand Name: TST Model Number: BL5520 Power: Electronic Usage: Drop Tester standard method: GB15763.2-2005 Drop control method: DC electromgnetic Control method: PLC Drop height: 0-1400mm Steel ball spec: 63.5mm,1040g,2pcs test chamber cross area: 670mmx660mm drop ball tester: glass impact resistance tester,drop impact test Product Description   Safety glazing material in bu...

  • Non-standard new design of umbrella cloth opening and closing durability tester

    Non-standard new desig...

    Overview Quick Details Place of Origin: Fujian, China Brand Name: TST Instruments Model Number: TST-C1098 Power: Electronic Test method: manual adjust,auto-test Specimen rocker test height: 500cm-200cm Specimen rocker test diameter: 50mm-160mm air source: 50mm-160mm power: AC 220V/50Hz,4A Dimensions: 1800mmx1100mmx2090mm Weight: aprox 160kg umbrella cloth durability tester: umbrella cloth durability tester Product Description Non-sta...

  • Furniture surface paint film taber Abrasion Tester

    Furniture surface pain...

    Overview Quick Details Place of Origin: Fujian, China Brand Name: TST Instruments Model Number: TSE-A016 Power: Electronic Usage: Abrasion Tester, Taber Abrasion Tester Model: TSE-A016 Abrasion Wheels: H-10, CS10, CS17 Specimen: metals, plastic, leather, plywood Testing Specimen: glass, laminate flooring, cloth, glass, painted materials and so on work mode: abrasion & wear resistance testing paint film abrasion resistance: abrasion tester ,Ta...

  • Textile fabrics colorfastness to atmospheric oxide/color fastness to burnt-gas fume tester

    Textile fabrics colorf...

    Overview Quick Details Place of Origin: Fujian, China Brand Name: TST Instruments Model Number: TSA009 Power: Electronic usage: color fastness to oxynitride standard: ISO 105-G02,AATCC 23,BS1006 control method: PLC...


Service First

  • Why does the fabric shrink?

            Shrinkage is a phenomenon in which the length or width of textiles undergoes washing, dehydration, and drying in a certain state.         The fabric shrinks to a certain extent after being immersed in water, partly because the fibers in the fabric swell after abs...

  • Why do textile inspections?

            Clothing and textiles play a pivotal role in people's lives.         With the enhancement of consumers' environmental protection and health awareness, in addition to the comfort, safety and functionality of the finished product, consumers have also begun to put f...